Spring Into Free Months

Get up to 3, 4, or 5 months of free service on eligible deals!

Terms & Conditions For “Spring Into Free Months” Promotion

  1. Promotion Period : Begins 04/01/2021 and ends 06/30/2021.

  2. Star2Star will track eligibility for the Promotions by Booking date.(Deals booked prior to 04/01/2021 are not eligible for the Promotion).

  3. Deal eligibility is based on Customers signing a minimum of a 3-year Subscriber Agreement with a minimum of 10 seats or 5 lines.

  4. The Promotion requires deals to be installed within three months (90days) of the booking date to be eligible for the promotional months of service.

  5. The Promotion is equal to the value of the quoted monthly recurring service charge multiplied by the number of promotional free months.

  6. The monthly rental payment for All-Inclusive/Rental deals is separate from the monthly recurring service charge and is not part of the Promotion.

  7. In order to qualify for up to three months of free service requires the deal to be a 3-year Purchase/Lease or All-Inclusive (Rental) deal.

  8. In order to qualify for up to four months of free service requires the deal to be a 4-year Purchase/Lease or All-Inclusive( Rental) deal.

  9. In order to qualify for up to five months of free service requires the deal to be a 5-year Purchase/Lease or All-Inclusive (Rental) deal.

  10. Promotion is exclusive of usage, overage, taxes, fees, monthly hardware payments (All-Inclusive/Rental) and any third-party lease payments.

  11. Applicable credit(s) will be applied starting with the first full month subscription invoice.

  12. This Promotion extends the Subscriber's Term as per the Subscription Agreement for the number of Promotional Free Months.

  13. The Partner will not receive commission on the free months or any Partner pass-through items.

  14. Eligible deals are for new Customers or new locations of existing Customers, including UCaaS users. Add-ons to existing Customer locations and non-UCaaS deals

    are not eligible.

  15. This Promotion only applies for Deals booked under Authorized Resellers, and does not apply to Deals booked under Star2Star Wholesalers.

  16. For purposes of the Promotion, an order is considered booked when uploaded to DealTrack and contains:

    • A Star2Star Subscription Agreement, if required, that is properly executed by the Customer; and
    • A signed bill of materials (Rocket®Quote Quotation) which details the items, quantities, and pricing; and • An acceptable form of payment, or use of an available credit line, in the amount necessary.

  17. The Promotion cannot be combined with any offers from previous promotion periods.

  18. Star2Starreservestherighttoalterthesetermsandconditionswithoutnoticeasthecompanyseesfit.