Can You Make 9X?

Book and install early to earn more SPIFF and boost your earnings with a bonus for new DaaS deals!

Terms And Conditions For 'Can You Make 9X?’ Promotion

  1. Promotion Period: Begins 04/01/2021 and ends 06/30/2021.

  2. Star2Star will track eligibility for the Promotion by Booking date. Deals booked prior to 04/01/2021 are not eligible for the Promotion.

  3. Any outstanding quote created prior to 04/01/2021 will need to be revised or recreated as a new quote as to be eligible for this Promotion.

  4. Eligible deals must be installed within six months of booking date or promotion amount will be clawed back.

  5. The Promotion only applies to the commissionable MRR base from eligible Rocket®Quote deals.

  6. MRR excludes usage, overage, taxes, fees, Partner-added items, monthly hardware payments (All-Inclusive/Rental), and any third-party lease payments.

  7. Master Agents’ or Partners' eligibility is based on their own production, not the production of their Agents or Dealers.

  8. Master Agents must pass along 100% of the MRR SPIFF to the qualifying Agent who generated the MRR.

  9. The Promotion does not apply to Wholesalers/White-Label resellers.

  10. Partners must be current at the time of Booking for all certifications and payments due to Star2Star to be eligible for payment.

  11. Eligible deals are for new Customers or new Locations of existing Customers, including UCaaS users. Add-ons to existing Customer locations and non-UCaaS deals are not eligible. To qualify for additional 1X DaaS SPIFF, the deal must contain a minimum of 20 DaaS users.

  12. Eligible deals include purchase, lease, and monthly hardware (All-Inclusive/Rental).

  13. The Promotion payout is uncapped.

  14. The Base MRR SPIFF Promotion will be paid in accordance with the Star2Star Commission policy. The Added Installation Bonus and New DaaS Deal SPIFFs will be paid on the September 15, 2021 commission payment.

  15. MRR Eligibility Levels are as follows:


Install Prior To

Added Install Bonus

New DaaS Deal



May 15, 2021 + 3X + 1X



June 30, 2021 + 2X + 1X



July 31, 2021 + 1X + 1X


  1. Cumulative SPIFFs earned up to $99,999.99 will be paid out monthly as detailed in letters N in the Terms & Conditions.

  2. SPIFFs earned in excess of $100,000.00 will be paid after the installation and 30-day money-back guarantee period for all locations included in the SPIFF calculation.

  3. Claw-back Provisions: The payout of this Promotion is subject to a claw-back of paid amounts regardless of all other terms and conditions, and Partners accepting payment of the payout under the Promotion specifically accept this claw-back provision. Star2Star reserves the right to claw-back either from future commissions or in the form of a payment from Partner, at Star2Star’s sole option. The purpose of this claw-back provision is to ensure that canceled, uninstalled, reduction of services, or otherwise non-delivered deals are not eligible for payment under the Promotion.

  4. For purpose of the Promotion an order is considered booked when uploaded to DealTrack and contains:
    • A Star2Star Subscription Agreement, if required, that is properly executed by the Customer; and
    • A signed bill of materials (Rocket®Quote quotation) which details the items, quantities, and pricing; and • An acceptable form of payment, or use of an available credit line, in the amount necessary.

  5. The Promotion cannot be combined with any offers from previous promotion periods.

  6. Star2Star reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice as the company sees fit.

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