Spring Is Calling

Answer With Free Phones!

Terms & Conditions For “Spring Is Calling” Promotion

  1. PromotionPeriod : Begins 04/01/2021 and ends 06/30/2021.

  2. Star2Star will track eligibility for the Promotion by Booking date.(Deals booked prior to 04/01/2021 are not eligible for the Promotion).

  3. Any outstanding quote created prior to 04/01/2021 will need to be revised or recreated as a new quote as to be eligible for this Promotion.

  4. Poly®VVX®101, VVX®150, or Yealink SIP-T33G Phone is valued at $1.50 a month per phone on a 5-year Rental Option with a minimum finance NRC of $10,000.

  5. Free Poly® VVX®101, VVX® 150, or Yealink SIP-T33G per each new SIP Phone sold with Rental Option deals only. All-Inclusive Option deals are not eligible. The customer does not own the phone after the term of contract is complete.

  6. The amount of $1.50 a month can be applied to another phone model of the Subscriber's choice.

  7. Deal eligibility is based on using Rocket® Quote and Customers signing a minimum of a 3-year Subscriber Agreement with a minimum of 10 seats or 5 lines.

  8. The amount covered is strictly for the cost of the hardware based on a 5-year Rental Option (Regardless of actual contract length picked). Installation, configuration, training, software, and provisioning are not covered under this promotion.

  9. If a 3 or 4 year Subscription Agreement is chosen or finance NRC amount does not meet minimum, Subscriber still qualifies for the promotion but is responsible for the cost difference between the term selected and/or rental rate.

  10. The Promotion requires deals to be booked by 06/30/2021.

  11. This Promotion only applies for Rental Option Deals booked under Authorized Resellers, and does not apply to Rental Options booked under Star2Star Wholesalers.

  12. Eligible deals are for new Customers or new Locations of existing Customers. Add-ons to existing Customer Locations are not eligible.

  13. For the purpose of the Promotion, an order is considered booked when uploaded to DealTrack and contains:

    • A Star2Star Subscription Agreement, if required, that is properly executed by the Customer; and
    • A signed bill of materials (Rocket®Quote Quotation) which details the items, quantities, and pricing; and • An acceptable form of payment, or use of an available credit line, in the amount necessary.

  14. The Promotion cannot be combined with any offers from previous promotion periods.

  15. Star2Star reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice as the company sees fit.